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Traded Volume 2022

$584 B

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Deribit is trusted by the world’s most renowned market makers, investment firms, hedge funds and quant trading firms.


Deribit tries to keep as many countries open for trading as possible while adhering to international rules and regulations. This why the countries list is updated often, and the best way would be to visit the following page to check: list restricted countries

Deribit requires personal verification in order to perform Deposits, Withdrawals or any Trade related activity on the platform. Typically, if you have machine-readable documents at hand, verification takes only a couple of minutes via the following page: verification

If your automated KYC was unsuccessful, please try uploading better document photos. Typically, photos or documents taken with better lighting or different will help. If automated verification will not work for you, contact for the manual procedure.

Initial margin

Is the minimum amount of margin required to open the position. If you exceed your IM requirements - which are displayed as the IM bar at the top of your account - you will not be able to open more positions. If your IM meter exceeds 100%, then your open, non-risk reducing, orders will be cancelled.
Note that IM is calculated differently for Futures (Linear, Inverse, Perpetual or Dated) and options. Generally, IM starts with 2.0% (50x leverage trading) or 4.0% (25x leverage trading) and linearly increases by individual coin variables and the position size measured in the underlying coin. A more detailed explanation can be found here:Contract Specifications

Maintenance margin

Is the minimum amount of margin required to keep the position open. If you exceed your MM requirements - which is displayed as the MM bar at the top of your account - your positions will be liquidated until your maintenance margin requirements are back below 100%, or until the whole position is liquidated.
Maintenance margin starts with 1% or 2% and linearly increases pending individual coin variables and the position size measured in the underlying coin. More detailed explanation can be found in here: Contract Specifications

Default, Standard Margin favours following trade strategies:

  • Options buying:
    your long options could not be liquidated in Standard Margin
  • Directional positions, especially big leverage and no hedging: you will be able to get more leverage in such strategy

Advanced, Portfolio Margin model takes into consideration positions in futures and options combined, thus potentially reducing the margin requirements of a portfolio. It is best used with the following strategies:

  • Hedged positions:
    Trading constructions with multiple legs or just hedged positions can benefit from shared margin greatly, allowing to lower margin requirements and either lower risk, or use higher leverage by that

So the difference between PM and SM is that Portfolio mode looks at how the entire portfolio of positions would perform together with changing market conditions. Please note that in PM mode, margin requirements of your position(s) would be affected by more parameters than simple price movement. Whichever of these scenarios would inflict the largest loss to your portfolio, this loss amount is then used to calculate your margin requirements. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to the following article:portfolio margin

To make sure all your withdrawals are processed as fast as possible, make sure to set the following settings:

  1. Add to your account a 2FA device or Security Key and make sure it is on for “wallet” operations at the following section: Security
  2. Make sure your “New Address Delay” is set at least to 3 days. Note that it means your “new” address will be activated after the days displayed. After that period, your wallet will be available for immediate action. Setting it to zero days allows you to activate a new wallet instantly, but every withdrawal to every wallet will be processed slower. You can set it at the following link: Withdrawals
  3. Having your password or email changed recently will introduce an additional check and a slower withdrawal. Try to back up your password and do not lose access to your email to prevent that.
  4. Note that current session pro ts only can be withdrawn after settlement, at 08:00 UTC daily. This limitation is introduced due to the way our socialized loss system operates. Although we have never had such an event triggered, we are always prepared for any market condition. You can read more here: The Deribit Insurance Fund and Socialised Loss System

Android and iOS apps are available to download at the following links

In order to be able to use the mobile application you need to have KYC verification. A verified account can generate an API key and use a QR code to connect mobile app. Make sure to set: Account, Trade, Wallet scope to Read+Write on the API page: API Information

Deribit accepts Bitcoin (native blockchain only), Ethereum (native blockchain only) and USDC (ERC20 deposits only) for both deposits or withdrawals. We do not support any alternative blockchains. Please be sure to use the correct network or your funds may be lost. In order to be able to generate a deposit address, KYC verification is required. Once verification is successful you may generate an address on the “Deposits” page: Deposits

Yes, our practice platform can be used to learn user interface and place trades completely free of charge, using fake funds. Note that liquidity on the test platform can be thin, but you may use different subaccounts to fill the order book and trade your own supply. There is no need to perform KYC on our test platform, however, as it is completely separated from the live exchange, new, separate account registration is required: Create Account Testnet

Upon registration and fake funds deposit trading can be performed right away. Our fake funds generator can be found here: Deposits Testnet

The only way to reset the 2FA authenticator or security device is to contact; please note the reset will require additional verification to be done, and take time. We suggest adding a backup device or TOTP app once you reset your 2FA to prevent such issues in the future.

Change of your email is available solely via This limitation is done to prevent a potential hacker from getting temporary access to the account and being able to change your email easily, as it is the single point of contact and authorization. Our customer's security is our utmost priority.

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