Portfolio margin

Portfolio Margin uses a risk-based model that determines margin requirements based on historical volatility by valuing a specific portfolio over a range of underlying price and volatility moves.

This Portfolio Margin risk-based model takes into consideration positions in futures and options combined, which may help reduce the margin requirement of your portfolio.

Portfolio Margin accounts offer these potential benefits to traders and market makers who maintain a balanced portfolio of hedged positions:

  • Lower margin requirements
  • Increased leverage


  • To qualify for Portfolio Margin, you must maintain a minimum net equity of 1 BTC.
  • Trader needs to have some experience trading options and declare to have understanding about the concept of portfolio margin

Please contact us writing an email to support@deribit.com if you would like to have portfolio margin calculations activated in your account.

Portfolio maintenance margin is determined by calculating the maximum loss that can occur in a portfolio with the following parameters:

  • maximum price move of +/- 12.5%
  • maximum implied volatility change of SQRT(30/days to expiration)*40%. (Example: options expiring in 30 days: IV change of maximum 40%, options expiring in 15 days: IV change of maximum SQRT(30/15)*40%= 56.6%
  • Contingency component of 1% of underlying value of all options in portfolio. (Example: you have 200 options in your position (long and short), 1% of 200BTC = 2BTC is added to the portfolio margin calculation.
  • Contingency component of 2% of underlying value is added for offsetting futures. (Example: you are long 100BTC in Future A, and short 100BTC in Future B, then 2BTC will be added to the portfolio margin calculation.
  • Contingency component of 25% for VEGA’s offsetting in different expirations. (Example: you are net long 10 VEGA in Expirations A/B/C, and net short 10 VEGA in Expirations D/E/F, we will add a contingency of 2.5BTC to the portfolio margin calculation.

Initial margin is Maintenance Margin + 30%. Example: If Maintenance Margin is 10BTC, Initial margin will be 10BTC+30% = 13BTC.

For open orders there is no initial margin required. But per account there are individual limits to the amount of open orders that are allowed. If you (with PM activated) notice that would want to have more orders opened than risk management allows, please contact support.






Get new announcements for the logged user. After request, those announcements are marked as read.
URI: https://www.deribit.com/api/v1/private/newannouncements
URI Path: /api/v1/private/newannouncements
Result as JSON object:
    "success": true,         // true or false
    "message": "",           // empty
    "result": [              //list of objects: 
            "date": 1499945664000,          // timestamp, announcement publication date
            "title": "New Announcement",    // string, announcement title
            "body": "<2>Announcement</h2>" // string, announcement body, html


Get announcements from last 30 days.
URI: https://www.deribit.com/api/v1/public/getannouncements
URI Path: /api/v1/public/getannouncements
Parameters: none
Method: GET
Result is JSON object:
    "success": true,    // true or false
    "message": "",      // empty
    "result": [         // list of objects:
            "date": 1499940765000,           // timestamp, announcement publication date
            "title": "New Announcement",     // string, announcement title
            "body": "Announcement string"    // announcement body, html 


Get order state by order id. (Authorization is required)
URI: https://www.deribit.com/api/v1/private/orderstate
URI Path: /api/v1/private/orderstate
    "orderId": 362878 // order identifier
Method: GET
Result is JSON object:
    "success": true,          // true or false
    "result": {
        "orderId": 54435915,    // order identifier
        "instrument": "BTC-30JUN17-2000-C", // instrument
        "direction": "buy",  // "buy" or "sell"
        "price": 0.0581,     // price of the order
        "quantity": 5,       
        "filledQuantity": 0, 
        "avgPrice": 0,        // average price
        "commission": 0,      // commission in BTC
        "created": 1495184819641, // creation timestamp
        "lastUpdate": 1495186129205, // last change timestamp
        "state": "open",           // order state
        "postOnly": false,          // true or false
        "adv": false              // advanced type (false, or "usd" or "implv") 
        // for advanced orders could be:
        "implv": 250  // implied volatility in %, if "adv"="implv"
        "usd": 50     // usd price, if "adv"="usd"
    "msIn": 1495186147445,
    "msOut": 1495186147445


Get some statistics
URI: https://www.deribit.com/api/v1/public/stats
URI Path: /api/v1/public/stats
Parameters: none
Method: GET
Result is JSON object:
    "success": true,
    "testnet": false,
    "message": "",
    "result": {
        "btc_usd": // BTC - USD stats
                "futuresVolume": 324.0, // in BTC, futures 24h volume 
                "putsVolume": 100.24,   // in BTC, options-puts 24h volume
                "callsVolume": 130.23   // in BTC, options-calls 24h volume
        "created": "2017-06-16 12:10:57 GMT"
    "msIn": 1497615057294,
    "msOut": 1497615057294


Test request returns api build number.
URI: https://www.deribit.com/api/v1/public/test
URI Path: /api/v1/public/test
Parameters: none
Method: GET
Result is JSON object:
  "success": true,  // false or true
  "testnet": false, // false for production server, true for test server
  "message": "public API test",    // empty or text message
  "apiBuild": "1.2.17" // api build version, refer api-release-changes.txt above


All futures and options positions settle daily at 8.00 UTC using Deribit index price around 8.00 UTC (provided market is non volatile at that moment.). To calculate daily profits and losses for options Deribit uses market price (averages between bid and ask),

As for futures positions, at settlement, unrealised and realised session profits and losses are transferred to your BTC cash balance. (a session is a period of 24h from one settlement to other).

Any options trade results immediately in the transfer of cash out of the account if buying options, or transfer of cash into the account in case of selling options.

In the frontend you find Session UPL and Session RPL in your account summary, future summary, and options summary. Those are the profits and losses accumulated since last settlement.

Any trading profits are immediately available as trading margin, but will only be available for withdrawal after settlement.

At settlement Deribit risk management system will check if there were any bankruptcies in the session, and if the insurance fund covers for all those losses. If this is not the case and the insurance fund is not sufficient to cover for losses, the remaining losses will get “socialised” among the net winners of the session. In the 1 year we are currently operative we never had to socialise losses with winning accounts or force close any position (other than liquidating positions due to their margin requirements), but some day in the future it could happen, though it is our goal to not have any bankruptcies on the platform and we will adjust margin requirements accordingly to market circumstances.




Get private trade history of the account. (Authorization is required). The result is ordered by trade identifiers (trade id-s).
URI: https://www.deribit.com/api/v1/private/tradehistory
URI Path: /api/v1/private/tradehistory
          istrument – string [mandatory], name of instrumentm, example “BTC-19DEC14”, also aliases “all”, “futures”, “options” are allowed.
          count – integer[optional], number of results to fetch, example 50, default 20
          startTradeId – integer[optional], startTradeId is used for pagination of requests, example – 3328. With this paraneter, it is possible to fetch all trades page by page. The request will return “count” trades with trade id-s less than “startTradeId”.

Method: GET

Result is JSON object:
    "success": true,
    "result": [ // list of account trades  
            "tradeId": 28436,           // trade id
            "instrument": "BTC-31MAR17",// instrument name  
            "timeStamp": 1487876771886, // Unix timestamp
            "quantity": 4,              // quantity, in contracts ($10 per contract for futures, ฿1 — for options)
            "price": 1133.93,           // float, USD for futures, BTC for options
            "side": "sell",             // side of the account order (it describes what the account does, "sell" or "buy")
            "orderId": 5349283,         // account order id (the user order)
            "liquidity": "T",           // "T" - taker, "M" - maker
            "fee": 0,                   // fee (comission for the trade, as for the account, if negative - rebate)
            "feeCurrency": "BTC",       // fee-comission currency
            "tickDirection": 3,         // Direction of the "tick". Valid values: 
                                        // 0 = Plus Tick; 1 = Zero-Plus Tick; 2 = Minus Tick; 3 = Zero-Minus Tick
            "matchingId": 5349289,      // matching order ID
            "indexPrice": 1164.29       // index price

Order types (futures)

Currently our matching engine handles “Limit” orders and “Stop Limit” orders. Further you can specify if you want an order to be hidden and or post-only.

Limit: Your buy order comes with a maximum limit price or your sales order comes with a minimum sales price. Your order will not match above the order price for buy orders or below the order price for sales orders.

Stop Limit: A conditional order, where the Limit order only is being sent to the market once the mark price or the index price reached a certain level. For a Buy StopLimit order the trigger price needs to be higher than current, and for a Sell StopLimit, the trigger price needs to be lower than current values.

Post only: By placing a post-only order, your order will not match immediately with the order book under any circumstance, such that in case of execution of the order, the trader will receive a rebate or pay lower transaction costs. If needed the matching engine will adjust the price of the order, such that it will be the best possible price but still go in the order book as a maker order.

Hidden: Hidden orders will not show in the orderbook and thus are invisible to other traders. A hidden order will always match as a taker order, and non hidden orders with the same price have matching preference in the matching engine.


Historical volatility chart

Following this link you can see a chart of the development of the annualised 15 days historical volatility of the Deribit bitcoin index.
Volatility is calculated by taking once a day at a fixed time the value of the index. The (annualised) bitcoin historical volatility is calculated over a period of 15 days.