Contract Specifications

Underlying asset/ ticker Deribit BTC Index
Contract 1 dollar per Index Point
Trading hours 24H
Minimum price change US $0.01
Settlement There is only settlement at expiration. Your realised and unrealised profits are always in real time added to your equity and are always available for withdrawal if your margin permits this.
Expiration dates Weekly future with each friday at 15.00 UTC. As soon as “current week” expires, a new “this week” instrument will be created with expiration date 1 week away.
Contract size US $10
Initial margin 5% (20x margin trading)
Maintenance margin 3% with standard auto-liquidation. Whenever account equity is lower than the maintenance margin, positions in the account will be incrementally (maximum 10 contracts/liquidation) reduced as to keep maintenance margin lower than the equity in the account.
Mark price The mark price is the price at which the future contract will be valued during trading hours. This can vary slightly from the BTC index to protect against manipulative trading. See here for a detailed explanation.
Delivery/Expiration Every Friday 08.00 UTC
Delivery method Cash settlement in BTC
Fees Taker fee 0.01% / Maker fee 0% / Delivery fee 0.01%

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