Deribit tradeable assets or instruments use following system of naming:

Kind Examples Template Comments
Future BTC-25MAR16, BTC-5AUG16 BTC-DMMMYY Template DMMMYY – is expiration date, D stands for day, MMM – month (3 first letters in English), YY stands for year
Option BTC-25MAR16-420-C, BTC-5AUG16-580-P BTC-DMMMYY-STRIKE-K Template STRIKE is option strike-price in USD. Template K is option kind, C for CALL options or P for PUT options.
Option, Future BTC-THISWEEK, BTC-NEXTWEEK, BTC-THISWEEK-580-C, BTC-NEXTWEEK-590-P (date aliases THISWEEK, NEXTWEEK) expiration date aliases THISWEEK, NEXTWEEK Expiration date instead of the explicit DMMMYY date. Note that subscribe API will not resubscribe after expiration of the expired instrument subscribed via aliases, i.e., the aliases are interpreted at the moment of the api call.

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