Websockets API

WebSocket API include all REST API and in addition subscriptions for notifications.
WebSocket address is wss://deribit.com/ws/api/v1/
and test WebSocket server address is wss://test.deribit.com/ws/api/v1/
Please click here for (Websockets and REST) API Console.
Each WebSocket request has the following structure (private WS API request uses ’sig’ property as a replacement of ’x-deribit-sig’ header for the REST API):
    "id": 201,     // id, developer identifies the response by the request id (the response has the same id with the corresponding request)
    "action": URI Path, // request URI Path
    "arguments": {key: value}, // same arguments as for the REST API
    "sig": signature // request signature if it is necessary (private API), same as for the REST API
WebSocket response is a websocket message, example of handling:
// ws is the JavaScript WebSocket object
ws.onmessage = function (e) {
                if (e.data.length > 0) {
                    // get JSON object of the API response
                    var obj = JSON.parse(e.data);
					// use obj
List of WebSocket API corresponding to the REST API and they URI:
  • getinstruments – action, URI Path /api/v1/public/getinstruments
  • getcurrencies – action, URI Path /api/v1/public/getcurrencies
  • getorderbook – action, URI Path /api/v1/public/getorderbook
  • getlasttrades – action, URI Path /api/v1/public/getlasttrades
  • getsummary – action, URI Path /api/v1/public/getsummary
  • account – action, URI Path /api/v1/private/account
  • buy – action, URI Path /api/v1/private/buy
  • sell – action, URI Path /api/v1/private/sell
  • edit – action, URI Path /api/v1/private/edit
  • cancel – action, URI Path /api/v1/private/cancel
  • cancelall – action, URI Path /api/v1/private/cancelall
  • getopenorders – action, URI Path /api/v1/private/getopenorders
  • positions- action, URI Path /api/v1/private/positions
  • orderhistory – action, URI Path /api/v1/private/orderhistory