Trading Software

The following trading applications are connected with Deribit:

NinjaTrader - Trading Software & Futures Broker

NinjaTrader is now integrated with Deribit. NinjaTrader is a desktop application that allows advanced charting, the building of trading apps, testing ideas through simulation or backtesting. It supports various add-ons to allow third-party market data integration.

NinjaTrader Connection Guide for Deribit:

Please visit

TSLab - Visual Trading Environment for Deribit Futures and Options

TSLab is a global provider of dedicated software for backtesting, optimization, and automation of trading. TSLab has a powerful visual editor and does not require any programming skills. The program is distributed for free. Customers can access its full functionality, including the trading algorithm editor, historical data testing, and optimization tools without any limitations. For more information please visit 

FMZ - Financial Management Zen

As a global quantitative trading platform, FMZ currently provides the most efficient basic quantitative tools, allowing customers to skip complex programming details and focus on strategy and backtesting. On our platform, customers can build an all-round automated trading system from high frequency to low frequency, from cross-cycle to cross-market. More information on

Actant Trading Software

Actant delivers unique algorithmic programming flexibility and control to proprietary trading and market-making firms, investment banks and hedge funds. More information:


Automated Bitcoin futures trading with over 200 strategies and indicators. Strategies can forward buy/sell events, so you can easily run multiple strategies with different candle sizes on the same market. More information:


Misterblond has been offering a trading platform for options market makers for over 15 years. We are now offering our full market-making platform, risk, and advanced features to crypto traders on Deribit. To request a demo, feel free to email​.


Fully automate your bitcoin and altcoin trading on the major exchanges while using our highly configurable cryptocurrency trade bots. That's what Haasonline can do for you. Supported by


Trade bot built in excel.

Deribit Excel BOT directly connects to the Deribit server to get the updates instantly. 

The orders will be written by the user and script conditions will be decided by the user when and what condition to execute the selected order will be done by the BOT.


GenXs -  is a trading software suitable for active traders, brokers, proprietary trading firms, hedge funds, etc., and offers connectivity to traditional as well as crypto markets.

Deltix's CryptoCortex Market Maker, Arbitrageur and Auto Hedger 

Use multiple bots, which can be configured via sophisticated UI or APIs to make markets, arbitrage and hedge on multiple exchanges.